A glance backwards into the future: The history of the JOHANN CARL MÜLLER FOUNDATION

For more than 50 years committed to the people. The JOHANN CARL MÜLLER FOUNDATION was founded on July 11th, 1963 in Hamburg. Johanna Schwerin and her daughter Anneliese Beermann established the foundation in memory and in the name of her father and grandfather Johann Carl Müller (1867-1944). Müller was a famous and social orientated industrialist and founder of the Dresdner Universelle. 

The JOHANN CARL MÜLLER FOUNDATION follows in frame of her economic options exclusively and directly charitable and beneficent purposes. These we achieve by the establishment and acquisition as well as the operation and financial support of social public utility institutions such as 

-          student residences
-          sheltered accommodation for the elderly
-          services for out-patients.

Based on our achieved projects you can follow how engaged the foundation is orientated to her articles:


Inauguration of a student’s residence in Hamburg-Bergedorf
180 Student rooms and 5 apartments for lecturers of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW)


Inauguration of the old age housing area in Hamburg-Sasel
118 single-room apartments, 20 double-room apartments


Establishment of a nursing home in Hamburg-Sasel
20 beds, all care levels



Establishment of student couple apartments in Hamburg-Bergedorf
28 apartments for student couples with or without children



Expansion of the nursing home in Sasel
Now 26 beds



Inauguration of the Montessori children’s home in
- Integration nursery school according to Maria Montessori
  (2 groups)
- Therapy association for therapeutic care for children
- Montessori-school



Foundation of the service for out-patients for old age residence in Sasel



Reconstruction of the residential house of Johann Carl Müller in Dresden (following a donation of the benefactress Anneliese
- 5 assisted old age apartments
- workshop/event rooms for social charitable institutions



New construction of residential house on the same estate
(following a donation of the benefactress Anneliese Beermann)
- 28 apartments for assisted living



Expansion of the service for out-patients
Outpatient care and assistance in the overall Hamburger